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048 – Matt Kolmes of Supreme Corporations – Yarn, Conduction, and Sharks, Oh My!

Conductive smart yarns…

Matt KolmesMatt Kolmes, CEO of Supreme Corporations (creator of the VOLT Smart Yarns) joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Doing military work, being approached by military defense contractors, Top Secret, who said “Don’t ever say our name,” – what did this mean, and they realized the contractor probably realized they had perfect equipment for making conductive yarn, and an “aha “ moment
  • How Kolmes was always jealous of wearable tech and smart yarns
  • Most yarns had metal on the outside of the yarn, which exposed the conductive service
  • How Supreme assessed they were disappointed, evaluated there was a solution, and designed insulation that could be soldered without strippingMatt Kolmes
  • Sewing thread is the superhero of yarns
  • Invention of protected copper wires so won’t break
  • 185 patents in 54 years in 60 countries, with 15 more pending
  • Why it is important to only protect what is protectable, what’s new, novel, and hasn’t existed before, looking at prior art (other patents relatable)
  • How Supreme makes sure to keep half the invention a trade secret
  • How a father’s offer changed Kolmes’ career path
  • All their yarns are composite yarns, and they adding one new yarn per month
  • Conductive yarn that changes color at a certain temperature, color shift yarn, can set temperature color changes
  • Why North Carolina is a great place for fashionMatt Kolmes
  • Changing color of yarn with electricity
  • How apparel with conductive yarn can have a logo that can become an on-off switch
  • A reality show, and sharks
  • How yarn is exciting.
  • A passion for savings lives, and a yearning for filmmaking, and how being a dad gives him the best moments of his week


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