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044 – Natasha Franck of EON-ID – Fashion Birth Certificate

Smart textiles for the future, with RFID and the first global system for recycling powered by the internet of things, advancing the circular economy for the fashion industry…

EONRFID technology lives in thread and is embedded in fabric, and can carry all information on that product forever, helping business with counterfeit control, inventory tracking, and improving sustainability. It can connect everyone it touches, and is new technology with endless possibilities. How will we create the future with it? Natasha Franck CEO/Cofounder of EON-ID (developing the first global system for textile recycling powered by the internet of things) joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The intersection of physical assets and the blockchain, something that gives products a digital identity, with RFID tags, and connecting it with a cloud, on RFID platform and on blockchain
  • It’s a thread, a chip and antenna, giving a product a birth certificateEON
  • One of the biggest barriers to recycling is material transparency
  • RFID info will help with a system to sort and sepearte intelligently, then upcycle from that
  • Tracking inventory in real time to affect turnaround time of products and meet customer needs,
  • By combining IoT, RFID and circular economy you get great benefit for business
  • Weaving vs. aseembly, attached in the seam during assmbly, and will eventually change into integration into weaving
  • No geo-locate, not sending a signal from the RFID
  • What is future vision, for brands, connected supply chain, how to use IoT in the future, then design to address those business needs
  • All parts of a brand acting as one brain instead of supply chain not talking to production not  talking to retail etc, and not being so siloed.
  • Embedding tech into what you’re already doing, versus designing something from scratch
  • The need to layer this into standard business practice, as things will happen more organically and faster, instead of looking at it as a sustainability expense. By reducing waste, we’re improving a business

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