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Meredith Finkelstein

Online platform for pro and amateur designers…

Meredith FinkelsteinMeredith Finkelstein, Co-Founder of Print All Over Me (an online platform for pro and amateur designers to create, share, sell, and collaborate) joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Creating a platform, being a small business, and leveraging a brother’s studio

Finkelstein discusses founding the company with her brother Jesse, creating a platform for collaborating and creating customer apparel and accessories. Being a small business, programming, sampling, traveling, having factories in US and overseas, working with family, wanting to integrate fashion and manufacturing, and integrating democratization. A bomber jacket with company brand and logo on it for Stephanie, and standing out, being able to have an apparel company. Leveraging the studio her brother Jesse already had and modifying it to do this.

The fragmented consumer, fabric geeks, and using the platform

Meredith FinkelsteinLooking at Made in USA, customization, how many people they work with to launch their own brands, a social element, being able to test items, a paradigm shift, and fragmentation of American consumer. Sampling items seen in magazines and online and making apparel from them. Sourcing of materials, an abandoned plan of access to a library of 5,000 fabrics to offer online. Being fabric geeks, the process of using the Print All Over Me platform, silhouette selection, uploading a print, and how the platform does a layout for you with flexibility and functionality. Machine learning tools, running against a database of images, and the possible liability for use of copyrighted images.

Collaborations, clothing for outer space, and customization

A collaboration with Target for the opening of a new store, collaborating with various artists, goals for manufacturing domestically, and eyes on making clothing for outer space. Zero marginal cost clothing, self-repairing apparel, printing in space, Meredith’s block party about crypto currency, and transparency on supply chain. Customization, incorporating embroidery, flocking, not being able to take on everything at once, focusing on core competencies, and three people she would bring to outer space.

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    Go read the reviews/scam sites
    Ask her why shes closing accounts, hiding sales data, refusing to pay artists !!! Do your research – do your job…..

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