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036 – Timur Yumusaklar of Schumacher – Style, Taste, and Innovation

Fabrics, wall coverings, trimmings, furnishings, and floor coverings from Schumacher

Timur YumusaklarTimur Yumusaklar, CEO of F. Schumacher and Co, a 128 year old company offering fabric, wallpaper, trims, rugs and carpets (and according to Wikipedia “the only supplier of decorative textiles from the 19th century”), still privately owned and managed by direct descendants of its founder, joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Studios powered by Sennheiser.

A long-standing design company, linen and wool, and success in the face of a changing industry

Timur YumusaklarYumusaklar discusses the importance of looking beyond customers, understanding how far fabric can go, the love of an incredible fabric that didn’t sell, and being one of the longest standing design companies in America, from the Roosevelt’s to the Kennedy’s. Being a global business and helping people understand textiles in a digital sphere, working with decorators, Belgian linen, alpaca wool, the best wool, customization and pricing in the face of changing spending habits and political and economic climates, and how these are impacting Schumacher.

Inspiring conversion, focusing on trends, and Made in America

Timur YumusaklarBalancing conversion and a reputation for luxury, and the value of not being pushed through a sales funnel but instead just inspiring them. A focus of looking for trends, getting them right, not having to always get into detail of numbers. Why it is important to bring trades back to USA, Made in America, storytelling, luxurious fabric and textiles, and embroidery on wallpaper.

Impact, curiosity, and red vs. blue

Thinking about new considerations with fabric and interiors and materials. Wanting to make an impact, a German upbringing, rational things and psychology, red vs. blue, curiosity, and why we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

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