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034 – Jessica Schreiber of FABSCRAP – Trash Nerds Getting Scrappy

Textile recycling for business in New York City in fashion, interior design, entertainment, and more…

Jessica Schreiber, Founder of FABSCRAP (a one-stop ton-profit textile reuse and recycling resource in New York City), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A massive problem, a protecting proprietary material, and the challenge of spandex and leather

Schreiber reveals the origins of the company, working at the NYC Sanitation Department, the creation of a working group when working through problem was private, clearly defining what the problem was, creating a central way brands can transport waste and meet minimum requirements, protecting proprietary material via sorting, delivering bags, brands filling the bags, proprietary leather and spandex going to landfill (can’t be recycled), and everything else being recycled.

Fiber-to-fiber tech, compliance, and transparency allows market share

Holding fibers that are 100% cotton, wool or poly for fiber-to-fiber technologies, due to developing tech, and then hoarding stock now in anticipation of relationships. Why proprietary spandex and leather can’t be recycled into new textiles, compliance with NYC law, how until recently there was no reporting requirement for companies, and the opportunity for a transparency on what you’re throwing out and what you’re recycling. The road ahead with an opportunity to put out industry cumulative reports, how people are checking for recycling info and corporate social responsibility statements with products.

Volunteers, bringing fabric to the people, and Project Runway

Working with volunteers with a monumental task of helping to sort through fabric (they get 5 lbs. of fabric for volunteering), hoping to mechanize that process, and working on ways to bring fabric to people — such as pop up shops. An appearance on a Project Runway show, resulting successes, and the strategies in trying to get more people to know about the mission and organization. A round of personal questions with “Remnants” covers a dinner with Bethany Frankel, Bill McKibben, The Obamas, and fighting the family pattern.

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