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028 – Ronnye Shamam of Shamron Mills – Not Run of the Mill

Garments and textile items for healthcare, linen supply and industrial settings…

Ronnye Shamam, President of Shamron Mills (a manufacturer of all types of garments and textile items for healthcare, linen supply and other industrial settings – (profile)), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

Origins, mandating quality, and challenges

Shamam discusses how the company started with hospital gowns, and sells to distributors, how for many the quantities that Shamron Mills are not important enough to get involved in, and largely manufacturing overseas. Mandating that color, fasteners and fabric stand up to industrial laundries and high temperatures to sterilize, drapes in operating rooms that must be certain sized with specific openings, customized for superstar doctors, and children sleepwear regulations. Production locations, changing and modifying the business to stay aligned with customers and industry. The challenges of fewer mills and converters, having to adapt to make more overseas. How small runs and quick turnaround requires Made in USA.

Working with distributors, supply chains, and technology

Managing expenses for small runs, and being so specific and small in grand scheme of things with the result of buyers being willing to pay additional bucks. How Shamron Mills sells to distributors, not to hospitals directly. Being an expert and leader in this niche. Bright colors and patterns, how garments for other industries are simpler and not as tailored. And considerations for certification. Supply chains, how it is harder to find textiles, buying from mills less and more from jobbers, and needing to feel energized for the future. Relying on the website as a tool for the customers, how Shamron Mills has always been on the technological frontline.

The future of the company, the detachable collar, and a new idea

Whether she will sell the company that is so personal, technical fabrics, but institutions don’t want to pay for them, and whether they last in the laundry. And a new idea for a special hospital gown. Using a unique set of experiences and knowledge. And how she started her business, being grateful for a mentor, and angel, and someone who trusted her. The magic of the detachable collar, going back to her roots, an email from the government leads to an all-female outdoors trip to Mexico, and a big birthday party in Nice. Don’t be afraid, get joy, and positive people.

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