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027 – Sharon Graubard of MintModa – Mapping the Thread

Fashion trend forecasting…

Sharon Graubard, Founder and Creative Director of MintModa (trend forecasting which enables trend-right product for all fashion and design-related industries – (profile)), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia network studios powered by Sennheiser.

What MintModa looks for, looking for the thread, and trends as a mirror

Graubard shares how as a fashion forecaster she analyzes what’s going on — on the street and in culture — and meaningful narratives about fashion, along with some direction. How analysis happens, how the seeds of what’s coming are here and now, and focuses also on home interiors, beauty and design related industries. What she and her team look for, how you can kind of feel it, what’s coming next. Why you still have to travel to see trends, to feel and smell it. Seeing the world on your phone is not ideal, digesting info, how you can’t be everywhere and assess everything, how does info come in, what might be not so much a trend, more like assessing street tribes of fashion, looking for the thread not just low hanging fruit, new contexts, a strange mix bubbling up that becomes newness. Maps with arrows, like a psychological map behind the trend. Designers thinking they are their own trend forecasters, who the Internet affects. Now the consumer tells the industry what’s happening next. Need to see what designers think, along with what people are wearing. A self fulfilling-prophecy vs. a trend being organic? A trend has to be like a mirror.

Report vs. service, fashion as a democratic art, and fabric’s important role

Must be open/inclusive, but specific and focused. Is it a report or service? (More analytical and creative than a report). Zones! The textile, the fabric is where the creativity is, and why Graubard is so passionate about materials. Performance is an invisible quality, but adds real value. And customers are looking for value. And a prediction of where fashion industry trends are going. How MintModa helps with verbage for websites, naming of products, and having a very full, diverse, interesting team, having different eyes, different voices, different points of view. Fashion is the most democratic art — everyone wakes up and gets dressed. Things move just as fast as they always have. Fabric is the thing that has technology. The way we build clothes is pretty much the way we always have.

A first job in fashion, craft and artisanal, and Paris

How MintModa allows user to go deeper and do their own research and want to spur more research on the site. A trend might not be trending, but a client might like a look. How Graubard never studied fashion, always loved it, and never had heard of a fashion forecaster. The only jobs in fashion were as a textile colorist, painting prints, and how she put a fashion portfolio together and got work. Her first job at The Tobin Report from a newspaper ad in Help Wanted section. How far out we need to look in forecast, the most important value in the millennial, and how craft and artisanal are still important. And personal questions in a round of Remnants cover the heritage of Paris, how all roads lead to one look, being wide open to fashion possibilities, and your own sincere, authentic feeling about something.

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