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026 – Sabine Seymour of SUPASPOT – SUPApowers

Apparel as data platform with a biometric sensor kit from SUPASPOT…

Sabine Seymour, Consultant. Researcher, and Founder & CEO at SUPASPOT INC. (biometrics + extreme sports + fashion + artificial intelligence in a onesie at a dance party with the SUPA Powered Sports Bra having an integrated sensor made from fabric – (profile)), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A digital YKK, gathering data, potential blockchain for biometrics

Seymour details the biometric sensor kit for clothing, essentially a digital YKK, connecting to piece of electronics can be clipped into garment, automatically connected it to the SUPA app, with different applications on platform, integrating sensor like a trim or zipper into the garment. Correlating and aggregating data, evaluating levels of hydration for example, resulting in much data being gathered, every garment has a unique ID and can be traced, do not give the data away, but can make a transaction that can give deals in return for data sharing. No methods of data encryption, possible block chain for biometrics?

A platform, garments as an IoT device, and SUPApowers

A way to look at the tech as an accessory instead of electronics, how it changes consumer view, like a personal Tamagotchi. How a consumer only needs one device. Being SUPApowered, how SUPA is a platform, wanting to integrate any hardware there is if it has functionality that the brand wants to give consumers to use. Garments will be another IoT device. Amazing for healthcare and energy, thanks to heat monitoring on bodies. The pilot, protoytype for SUPA, great feedback from brands, testing the product, building “SUPApowers”, integrating sensors into some garments, and washability.

Manufacturing in Europe vs. US, creating experiences, and snowboarding

How Seymour built her first biometric sensor system for snowboarding in 2000. US Manufacturing, research in Europe vs. US, the importance of creating experiences in sports, lifestyle, health, making a difference in the environment via work with brands, fun and conscious, the need to have users to build data. And a maternity kit. The value prop that brands get tech, experiences, platform, and more. Personal questions with a round of Remnants cover flying, loving veggies, snowboarding, and the SUPA Squad.

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