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024 – David Sasso of Buhler Quality Yarns – Farm to Shelf

Sustainable manufacturing of fine count yarns with Buhler Quality Yarns…

David Sasso, VP of International Sales for Buhler Quality Yarns (manufacturer and supplier of fine-count yarns, with over 200 years of experience producing yarns, and dedicated to the highest standards, unparalleled service and sustainable manufacturing – (bio)) joins Samanta Cortes, Stephanie Benedetto, and Rob Sanchez on location at TexWorld USA in New York.

Centuries of experience, a partnership, and quality over price

Sasso discusses Supima, a premiere spinner for micromodal and tencel products from wood fibers, how the industry lost focus, what cellulose means to comfort and breathability, how the Buhler name goes back over 200 years, a premiere spinner of premium fibers in Europe, was core product and yarn, and having been in high demand for luxury products on global basis. A partnership putting together strategies going forward, global vs. regional strategies, market changes, how Buhler knows about manufacturing of yarns, fabrics and apparel, and looking at the whole supply chain and fine tune it to be competitive. Quality is important and education as well, not problems when not maximizing consumer experience.

Educating partners, technical qualities, and sustainability

How if one saves pennies it can sacrifice dollars when the customer is not happy. Educating partners to know how a supply chain can be put together to meet price points and manufacturing goals. And speed vs. price point vs. communication vs. transportation. Breathability requires cellular features, the difference in naturally occurring vs. synthetics fibers, how everyone wants to jump to design stage without considering technical qualities of fibers, from structure to shape, and implications on performance, absorption, and having lost that knowhow. While value is the game changer, what sustainability means to Buhler, the worst sustainable product is one that doesn’t last, and didn’t accomplish much at a consumer level.   Fiber properties must be there or a fabric will be inferior. If a fiber is weak it must be blended with a stronger fiber for example.

Marketing, military innovations, and Panama

The marketing strategy going forward because of marriage with Samil Spinning Co. Is regeneration of fibers in the future for Buhler? So many things happening in the US market from temperature sensing, resisting moisture, and more. Military innovations at university levels, asking industry to look at it, the need to consolidate, and the need for less manufacturing. Personal questions with a round of Remnants covers dinner with politicians who influence the world and distribute wealth, steak, being driven by family, and coming from Panama into pursuing the American dream.

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