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022 – Tim Hallett of Kornit Digital – Reinventing Supply Chain

Digital textile printing solutions with Kornit…

Tim Hallett, Director of Marketing, North America, Kornit Digital (digital textile printing solutions) joins Samanta Cortes, Stephanie Benedetto, and Rob Sanchez on location at TexWorld USA in New York.

Humidification, wet-on-wet, and a point-and-click world

Hallett discussed Kornit’s digital printers, and how they manufacture their own ink, being a full solution to clients and their clients. One thing that is different is a humidification process. Inks all water based, doesn’t require pretreating before printing. Patented wet-on-wet process, trying to modify the supply chain, which is currently significantly extended. Just take a picture and upload it, put in system, and it is on a shirt in minutes. Ripping software will be dependent on customer workflow. Light commercial to mass customization, and a roll-to roll-solution which can go straight to a cutting machine, satisfying today’s point and click world.

The value proposition, impacting supply chain, and connecting with community

Synthetics are different, with dyes at lower temperatures. Kornit is manufacturing and selling printers and inks, eco-friendly ink system, with value proposition as a time-saver, energy saver, labor saver, significantly impacts supply chain, can take design and test it immediately, and satisfy smaller runs. Moved from design then sell to designing what you’ve already sold. Degree of colorfast on leather, and Kornit’s significant R and D. Taking dye out, replacing color, the hand feel after the process and discharge which takes out the dye from the area you want colored. Connecting with the community at TexWorld, educating clients based on technology Kornit is offering, and helping the client make money.

The Chicago Cubs, size matters, and telling the right story

Customization will be spread across a variety of industries, with examples the like when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series the shirts were not pre-made, companies can react to something more cost effectively, with the ability to react in “real time”. How long it takes for an image to lay right depends in part on size of an image, plus a look at how small, how large printer can handle. Remodeling, how Hallett’s military experience impacts doing things 100%, educating people in the business world, and learning how to tell a story at the right time to the right people to fight for something.

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