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021 – Judy Russell of Nilit – Nylon Nuveau

Nylon 6.6 fibers and thermoplastics with Nilit…

Judy Russell, Global Marketing Strategist for Nilit (a privately owned, international manufacturer of nylon 6.6 fibers and thermoplastics headquartered in Migdal HaEmek, Israel – (bio)) joins Samanta Cortes, Stephanie Benedetto, and Rob Sanchez on location at TexWorld USA in New York.

Responding to the marketplace, sustainability, and athleisure

Russell shares how she started career at DuPont company (which invented nylon, the original synthetic silk) in the IT department, materials started as an interest and became a career. The consumer is driving what is happening in the industry, responding to the marketplace vs. trying to change it, looking at sustainability not just in product but in terms of waste, packaging, shipping, marketing, materials, recycled fiber, more responsible use of ingredients, and is part of the core mission and social and environmental responsibility. How athleisure is creeping into wardrobes, the goal of helping to make life better, and the trend of investing in a core wardrobe that will do more. Getting awareness of products to consumers .

Marketing downstream, fibers as brands, and proprietary yarn

The change in malls and physical stores, why Nilit is finding opportunity, and marketing downstream. Being able to see origins of materials works as a marketing strategy, people want to know what they are putting on their bodies just like what they put in their bodies. Do fibers have to become brands in their own right? Bridging look and feel, an absence on line, getting started in “sense-based” brand. Proprietary level is inherent in the yarn, and the Nilit nylon is primarily filament, seeing aesthetics and style play a bigger role, like in electronics, and a focus on the right brain and left brain coming together.

Strategizing regionally, Barbie dolls, and Beethoven

A global message, an inability to compartmentalize any strategy regionally, Nilit’s breeze and cooling effect, and consideration of how to be balancing local attention and consideration of marketing of culture and style trends. Personal questions in a round of Remnants cover a cradle of world history, practicing French, creating clothing for Barbie dolls, Beethoven, and a house full of music.

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