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017 – Caroline Cockerham – Making Less Stuff, Better

Material technology, sustainability, and 3D knitting…

Caroline Cockerham, a technology and sustainability focused textile designer/developer with a special interest in 3D knitting – (bio), joins hosts Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

A family-inspired love of materials, mill vs. brand development, and proving materials before design

Cockerham discusses her focus on apparel, textiles, technology, sustainability, and materials development, her background with a family that picked cotton and a great grandfather who was a dyemaster, and how she was always in love with textiles even as a kid. Falling in love with mills, rapid prototyping, material development in a mill vs. a brand, the importance of companies making sure employees understand holistically how things are made, why material development should start before design, tested and proven before being put in a product, and athletic companies leading the way on this.

Sustainability, 3D knitting, and the sweater you can run in

Opening the door to sustainability in future, and the importance of the 3D knitting machine. APEX CADD system simulates garments to avoid errors and waste and time and money and materials, an amazing technical product of wool open knit zig zag structure with a shell, the sweater you can wear to dinner or for a run, needs to make sense as a business perspective for sustainability, and how it can be profitable.

Paying attention, cool fibers, and risk

Personal questions with Remnants telling ancestors what to do differently, the need to pay attention how things are made, and very cool fibers, and the need for risk.


SHIMA SEIKI machines


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