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016 – Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman of Interwoven Design Group – Spacesuits and Smart Fabrics

Smart textiles and wearable tech with Interwoven Design Group…

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Founder of Interwoven Design Group, LLC and Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt (bio), joins hosts Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Loving fabric, a tool for athletics, and what a wearable can be

Pailes-Friedman discusses specializing in wearable tech and smart textiles, how she loves fabric and worked for years with athletes for their clothing, looking at clothing as a tool for athletics. How she started working in smart textiles beyond clothing to objects that measure biometrics, wrote “Smart Textiles for Designers”, and is looking at what a wearable can and should be, with a focus on making life better.

A glove, a TV show, and Mars

A weightlifting glove, a stint on reality TV with “America’s Greatest Makers”, a prediction that we won’t always be carrying a phone in hand, working on getting people to Mars, working on spacesuits, and the critical nature of collaboration.

Students and professors, trust, and a superpower

Personal questions with “Remnants” reveal meaningful moments with students, trust between professors and students, and a superpower.


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