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015 – Louis Nunez of Trimworld – Elevating Design

Trims and embellishments with Trimworld…

Louis Nunez, Owner of Trimworld, Inc. (a full service fashion embellishment-manufacturing studio located in the heart of New York City Garment industry – (bio)) joins hosts Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Madonna, baseball, and FIT

Nunez discusses how Trimwold work with almost every major designer on trims and embellishments, including Madonna, and has been working almost every type of material, and his favorite is leather. Laser cutting, fringes, a background in professional baseball, learning at FIT, opening up a shop at 29 years old, and how the experience has been wonderful ever since. How the shop set up as a studio and 3,000 feet of factory space, and being in the process of making Olympic Patches.

Theatre, 3D printing molds, and restaurants

Working around trims and embellishment rules, working with theatre companies and how prepared they are, how innovation of machines and technology has affected the industry, how 3D printing has helped reduce cost of molds, the influx of sustainable materials over last 8-9 years, and Nunez’s restaurants.

Fashionable mother, cooking, and committing 100%

The personal questions in a segment of “Remnants” covers Nunez’s mother as a fashion forward woman, why a lack of cooking ability led to opening restaurants, and committing 100% to what you love.

Mambo Tea House

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