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014 – Michael Kennedy of Kennedy Fabrications – Models of All Shapes and Sizes

Materials in architectural models with Kennedy Fabrications…

Michael Kennedy, Owner/Creative/Engineering Director of Kennedy Fabrications (Interactive real estate development displays, retail / museum installations and architectural model fabrication – (bio)), joins hosts Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

The impact of 3D printing, machines to cut and shape, and model-making as a career

Kennedy discusses his architectural model shop making high-end residential architectural models around the world for more than 25 years. How he had one of the first 3D printers, dealing with the change in architecture shapes, how 3D printing is very useful, the changes in material technology and changing polymers, and looking at a blueprint sand instantly knowing how to build a model. The complexity of using machines to cut and shape, why there aren’t a lot of people who start companies in the model-making industry, how people just want something interesting and awesome, and model-makers need years of training and what matters is an artistic eye in the end.

Lights vs. data, working with the best architects, and function vs. form

The collaborative ways technology can be used to light a unit while creating tracking data, changes in LED technology, the number of projects Kennedy can work on at the same time, working with some of the best architects in the world and the rigorous process to get engineering material structure, looking beyond structure, and how function precedes form.

Vacuum-forming, Dubai is Disneyland, and sticking to your guns

How models affect the process of choosing or changing materials, a vacuum-form machine forms polymers into a custom form and softens edges. Traveling with his son, why Dubai was like Disneyland, who sees his job as one normal people had, trips to many countries, creating comfort with traveling, new buildings coming up, great architecture, avoiding isolation from creative people, and listening to other people but sticking to your guns.

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