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012 – Sylvia Heisel of Heisel – Three Dimensions of Fashion Future

3D Printing and Design Innovation for Clothing and Wearables with Sylvia Heisel…

Sylvia Heisel, Fashion Designer, 3D Printing and Design Innovation for Clothing and Wearables (bio), and Creative Director of Heisel, joins Samanta Cortes and Stephanie Benedetto at MouthMedia Network’s studio at VoyagerHQ.

Applying 3D printing to fashion, sustainability and compostable possibilities, sugar-based polyester, and 3D printed jewelry

Heisel reviews how she got her start, but was doing same thing over and over, stopped being creative, and concerned about sustainability issues. How she got into 3D printing and applied it to fashion, how 3D printing wasn’t really a new technology, the first thing she made was customized iPhone cases, and how innovations allowing fast growth are close to mass production of 3D printed clothing. Cool new compostable fabrics, made of sugar and other materials, making the fast fashion trend not harming the planet. How the speed of 3D printing is improving. The first mass market example is the Adidas 3D printed shoe with carbon, economically feasible but not ecologically ideal. 3D printing has been for the development stage. So much material and technical expertise is required for practical application of 3D printing of fashion that were never considerations before. 3D printing offers an opportunity to get jewelry molding right, and the opportunity to re-purpose/recycle discarded materials into 3D printing filament.

The famous coat, the need for education in 3D printing, and starting with materials and process

The 3D printed famous coat and the process ideation to production, printing in pieces instead of cutting, them, and joining together, with truly zero waste, not even seam allowances. Intriguing new processes, and a machine that Heisel’s team  built by hacking another CNC machine and turning it into a 3D printer. The need for education, how industrial design and arhcitecture students, but not fashion students, are taught in general about 3D printing. Not everyone will be designers, and many will go into manufacturing, so teaching 3D is important. Good design comes from good manufacturing, but fashion starts with design.

Flying, shape-shifting, and making stuff

Remnants, create a fabric for flying and shape-shifting, how the future holds new stuff, and why we just have to make stuff.


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  • Anina
    May 19, 2017

    It’s been fun to experiment with 3D Printing and the LED Ribbon ledribbon.360fashion.net

  • Nancy
    May 24, 2017

    Very exciting view of the future.

  • Samanta Cortes
    Samanta Cortes
    May 29, 2017

    Yes, there is very intresting things coming out and we have to stay on top of learning all the new Technologies and how we could alter them to make it our own.


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