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011 – Sim Gulati of Dropel – Life Proof 2.0

Performance-based natural, cotton fibers via material science and process technology with Dropel…

Sim Gulati, CoFounder and CEO of Dropel Fabrics, which makes clothing life-proof by developing performance-based natural, cotton fibers through material science and process technology – (bio), joins Samanta Cortes and Stephanie Benedetto at MouthMedia Network’s studio at VoyagerHQ.

Bridging science and fashion, functionalizing clothing, and retail applications

Gulati shares the genesis of Dropel, and how Gulati’s background and family’s work was a crucial ingredient, seeing innovation in fabrics but little in natural fabrics. How the goal is to bridge material science and fashion such as stain and oil repellency, wrinkle free, antimicrobial, and use these properties previously reserved for synthetics and apply them to natural fabrics. How in 10 years all clothing can be functionalized even at a nano-fiber level, and the road to that is via advanced fiber modification. Taking scientists with experience with application of fibers along with people who are supply chain experts, and taking materials science breakthroughs and applying them into the retail environment. Specific retail applications and campaigns, socializing the idea of innovative textiles in the market, and positioning Dropel as a materials science innovation arm for retailers — such as a hydrophobic cotton that both resists on the outside and picks up moisture on the inside.

Licensing and royalties, a sustainability mission, and bringing innovation to the US

Every Dropel fabric has unique chemistry and process, which impacts licensing and royalties, etc. The evolution of the ethos and branding of Dropel, and further developing out the sustainability mission. Fashion for Good, and PFC-free “recipes”. A change of name, looking ahead at development in the US for R and D and production, how Dropel looking at advancing fiber and nanotechnologies and a lab in Brooklyn in development, what it will take for manufacturing to come back to the US, the opportunities to further develop innovation in materials to expand garment and fashion industry, the performance of Dropel fabrics, allowing customers to think about fabrics in ways they never have before, and how that has driven business strategy.

Imaging fabrics, hypnotizing machines, and the future is close

Personal Questions in “Remnants” covers duplicating Gulati, the dream of fabric that grows and shrinks, how the future is closer than we think, and embroidery machine hypnotism.

Dropel on Fashion Is Your Business Episode 34

Mister French

Cradle to Cradle


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