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007 – Guglielmo Olearo – A Deep Love for Materials

Inside Premiere Vision, a global textile event…

Guglielmo Olearo (bio), International Exhibitions Director of Premiere Vision (the global textile event for North American fashion professionals) joins hosts Rob Sanchez, Samanta Cortes and Marc Raco on location at Premiere Vision 2016 in New York.

History, passion, and learning from Italian fashion culture

Olearo discusses being in charge of development of international showrooms, and the birth of Premiere Vision in 1973, its growth into an international show, the desire of wanting to see collections in advance, and the most recent expansion in Istanbul. He talks about different shows for specific markets, his passion for textile and fantastic material in Italy, coming from a background in engineering for chemical materials, always waning to work in the fashion industry, how with emotion and passion everything is possible, and a common deep love for the textile industry. The love for redefining industry products every six months, and the exciting challenge of re-designing and innovating the show every six month. Italian culture, and respect for Italian designers want to learn about materials and build from there. The Italian tradition of developing a sense of aesthetics, and being an industry which starts with care of the detail. And the draw of knowing how to transform something that is 2D to 3D.

The next wave, evolution, and smell

The shift in industry thinking, the next wave for next show, a huge change in menswear moving toward more casual products, and how all exhibitors have been carefully chosen, giving visitors confidence in the quality. Witnessing the evolution of the market, seeing the future offering more and more fashion related digital activity, from digital printing and 3D printing, augmentation, changes on organization side, and a focus on sustainability. Personal questions in a round of “Remnants” covers Italian mountains, the influence of Premiere Vision on personal style, and the impact of smell.

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