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005 – Giusy Bettoni of CLASS – Sustainable Material is Classy

Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy in materials with CLASS…

Giusy Bettoni  (bio), CEO of CLASS (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy), a multi-platform global network showcasing exclusive textiles and materials created using smarter sustainable technology for everyone from business, designers, media and buyers, joins hosts Rob Sanchez, Samanta Cortes and Stephanie Benedetto on location at Premiere Vision 2016 in New York.

Innovation, critical cotton, and recuperating fibers

Bettoni discusses creativity, innovation, taste, and culture, and the relationship of needing to develop something to the whole vision of make fashion. How Italians are advanced. The definition of innovation, sustainable textiles, CLASS, material libraries, how cotton is the most used and critical fiber, working with spinner, recuperating discarded cotton fibers and turning them into a smart cotton while saving 67% of water with zero waste.

Made in the USA, new material categories, and education

Bringing business to the USA, how education is key, selecting the newest materials, the evolution from three material types (natural artificial and synthetic to new categories (i.e. natural, up-cycle, down-cycle, renewable, recycle, etc.). The new need to be thinking of this kind of inter-bracket info, transition time, how smart creations platforms are shedding light on what innovative fabric producers are doing and elevating them to global awareness.

The unexpected and unknown, Dream Weavers, and the sushi-loving Italian

Responding to new industry facts unexpected and unknown, microfibers vs. microbeads, the need to be aware of recyclability of different kind of materials and durability, the importance of defining how to use them. A round of “Remnants” personal questions covers traveling to discover new realities in the Philippines, a woman sitting in room with a spinner, Dream Weavers, researching glasses, and the Italian who craves sushi.


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