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003 – Sabine Le Chatelier of Premiere Vision – The Lively Flow of Materials and Fashion

In-house fashion team at global textile event with Premiere Vision…

Sabine Le Chatelier (bio), Associate Fashion Director of Premiere Vision (the global textile event for North American fashion professionals) joins hosts Rob Sanchez, Samanta Cortes and Marc Raco on location at Premiere Vision 2016 in New York.

In-house fashion, fashion identity, and sharing ideas

Le Chatelier shares the nature and purpose of the fashion team at this trade show, as a unique internal, in-house fashion team, and as part of the DNA of Premier Vision. How brands can source material for upcoming garment collections, the path of constructing and creating the fashion identity of the season every six months, and the particular process based on international meetings and gathering and sharing ideas and concerns about the future.

A six month window, trends, and sensuality of fabric

The future of materials, how fashion is a fast evolving business with less than six months for fast changes, a permanent work on the future, and pushing fast and crating a consensus. How trends are developed, giving a meaning and story about a color each season, how exhibitors benefit from the sharing of access and information while developing their collections, the tactile connections with fibers, and how the surprises are Le Chatelier’s favorites. Sensuality of materials, how fabrics are more than visual and all about five senses, the complexity of transmitting this combined information, and keeping the lively flow of fashion.

Cultural storytelling, hobbies, and a musical regret

Personal questions in a segment of “Remnants” cover the complexity of storytelling in various cultures and international communication, walking vs. working, and a musical regret.

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