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002 – Chris Hipps of Archroma – Full of Color

Color-matching and dyes…

Chris Hipps (bio), Global Director of Archroma Color Management, joins hosts Rob Sanchez, Samanta Cortes and Stephanie Benedetto on location at Premiere Vision 2016 in New York.

Supply chains, lighting, and information meets color

Hipps discusses the work that Archroma does in custom color dying and custom matching, making sure colors can be made in the supply chain, and producing products that designers use to create pallets and matching colors. How color is one of the first things customers see, how Archroma works with pretty much everyone in mass, including specialty, outdoor, swimwear, and touches every product category. Larger companies are more developed with processes. Hipps loves educating and helping to streamline processes. Importance considerations of lighting, how inspiration comes at a high level and then executed on many different materials, different dyes used for different materials. Finding a target color achievable on multiple substrates. And the way Archoma is as much in the information business as in the color business, connecting the physical swatch to web for additional information, making information mobile-accessible, and the technology of color.

Color Atlas, responding quickly to supply chains, and RSLs

Color Atlas connects the digital with physical and works as a companion with a physical color book. Trend forecasting, how trend is where color can originate, converting trend company colors into things that can be produced, being on the cutting edge of technology and working on matching, being able to rapidly respond to supply chains as a driving force behind Color Atlas, the way companies can’t wait as long to know what will produce, and the ability to select color and have it available to supply chain within 24 hours. Color standards, dyes and chemicals to execute that dying, working with Restricted Substances Lists, how Hipps developed a passion, and the science of color. The importance of a light box with standardized lighting and a spectrometer.

Favorite colors, drumming and flying, and crayons

In a round of “Remnants”, personal questions reveals a favorite color, drumming and aviation, and the earliest memory of color consciousness, and the 64 pack of Crayola Crayons.


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